Friday, October 25, 2013

Week 33 Day 3 - Gynae Visit

Went for my 33 weeks gynae visit two days ago.
First question gynae asked was what list of complains I have ? lol
I actually don't have any real complains, except that when I sit for too long in front of the computer at work then I feel some pain at my ribs.

I was then weighed, standing at 65kg now. Gee.... I was 49kg before pregnancy, so that means I have gained 16kg so far! To imagine I was never pass the 50kg mark, but now im going towards 70kg....
However, Doctor was worried about my glucose level in my urine sample. It was +3 (normal level is until +2). My previous visit also showed a slightly higher glucose level in my urine sample. I had to go have my blood taken to test for my glucose level as well as full blood count. Will know the results tomorrow.

I was then told to lie down and meet baby again. He is now at 2.5kg! Wow... just a month ago, he was at 1.6kg. A whole 1kg increase! Gynae said baby has a big head, abdomen , feet and (ah-hem) willy. Baby is already head down. The gynae also mentioned that she noticed some signs of placenta calcification starting. (I hope it's not too early or too quick).

Baby @ 33 weeks

All in all, gynae seems to be not worried, and that baby is healthy. My next appointment will be in 3 weeks, which I will then be 36 weeks +. Can't wait till I get the blood results, in the meantime I am just making sure I am being strict with my sugar intake.
Guess this is one of the first few sacrifices a mom takes for their child. Many more to come, but I am soo excited for baby to arrive!

Update : 2013-10-25  11:20 am
Gynae just gave me a call, to let me know that my blood test showed that my glucose level is a little high at 5.7.  She said the normal range is 5.5 (Not sure if that's the highest of normal range, or?)  She then said I must go for a further blood test tomorrow early in the morning, and not to eat the night before. 
Being me, I have googled "gestational diabetes" and it is a bit depressing.  *Sigh*
I'm crossing my fingers that the blood test tomorrow says it's not that.

Anyone experienced or know someone that experienced this?

Update : 2013-10-30  09:00 am
Went for a fasting blood test on Saturday morning, and after a few days of waiting in anticipation, got an SMS early this morning!

A call to the laboratory shows that my glucose level was tested to be 4.2  (Normal range 3.5 - 5.5 ). So I'm really happy! 

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