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My MamaMagic 2013 Baby Expo Haul

I have been looking forward to the MamaMagic Expo, held in Cape Town CTICC from 1-3 November 2013. Reason because it is at such a perfect timing, when I am now at 35 weeks and have done all the research and decided on what I want to get. It is also superb that it is after my baby shower, so I know now what else I need, so I can get the rest of the items before baby comes. And hey, who doesn't love discounted items? e

We just came back from a night away at a friend's holiday home at Yzerfontein, which is about 90 minutes drive away from our home. Hubby and me had such a lovely time there, it was so hard to leave the place early Saturday morning just so we can visit the expo. However, I am glad it was all worth it.

All the items we got from MamaMagic!
p/s - Please ignore the orange and green bags on the background, we are busy cleaning out the store room :)

As well as free sample packs while walking around the expo

Free goodies

Let me share with you our shopping haul !

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Bottle & Food Warmer 

Normal Price : ZAR 599.99         MamaMagic Price : ZAR 449.99   SAVINGS : ZAR 150.00

Medela Swing Maxi (Free Medela Citystyle)

I initially wanted just the normal Medela Swing (Retail price : ZAR 2699.00) but the Swing Maxi was so much more discounted that we at last got the Maxi instead - which is exactly like Medela Swing, except that it has two pumps, but can be switched to one pump if needed. It also comes with a free Medela Citystyle - consisting of a bag, cooler box with ice pack and 4 Medela storage bottles.

Normal Price : ZAR 3695.00         MamaMagic Price : ZAR 2699.99    SAVINGS : ZAR 995.00

Combo package consisting Medela Swing Maxi and Medela CityStyle
The tote bag from Medela Citystyle

Cooler box and contents from Medela Citystyle

Angelcare Sound and Movement Monitor

I'm all for good condition second hand items,  so we tried to get this off Gumtree but the prices there are ridiculous for a second-hand. (Eg. Used 1 year for ZAR900, Used 5 years for ZAR700). I'd rather buy a new one that I know is working perfectly and can still be used for next baby.

Normal Price : ZAR 1299.90        MamaMagic Price : ZAR 1150.00   SAVINGS : ZAR 149.90

Cherub Tree Cloth Diapers & Accessories

Cherub Tree Pocket Cloth Diaper x 3
Normal Price : ZAR 159 x 3      MamaMagic Price : ZAR 139 x 3     SAVINGS : ZAR 60

Cherub Tree Drawstring Wetbag
Normal Price : ZAR 65      MamaMagic Price : ZAR 45    SAVINGS : ZAR 20

Boerseep Laundry Soap
Normal Price : ZAR 35      MamaMagic Price : ZAR 25    SAVINGS : ZAR 10

Carriwell Seamless Padded Nursing Bra & Seamless Drop Cup Nursing Bra

Seamless Padded Nursing Bra
Normal Price : ZAR 390.00     MamaMagic Price : ZAR 299.99     SAVINGS : ZAR 90

Seamless Drop Cup Nursing Bra
Normal Price : ZAR 289.99     MamaMagic Price : ZAR 199.99    SAVINGS : ZAR 90

Yokidoo Flow N Fill Spout

This item was bought for my nephews in Malaysia. It looks so fun, I hope they will enjoy it!

Normal Price : ZAR 219.00     MamaMagic Price : ZAR 189.99    SAVINGS : ZAR 30

Huggies Disposable Nappies 3-6 kg (with Free Comfort Softener and Wetwipes)

Normal Price : ZAR 180.00  MamaMagic Price : ZAR 129.99  SAVINGS : ZAR 50 + free softener and wipes!

Pigeon Baby Wipes 82s x 6

Normal Price : ZAR 99.99    MamaMagic Price : ZAR 84.99   SAVINGS : ZAR 15

Pigeon Disposable Breast Pads 60 pcs (Free 12 pcs)

Normal Price : ZAR 79.99    MamaMagic Price : ZAR 59.99   SAVINGS : ZAR 20

Overall, we managed to save about ZAR 1680 ! That's a whole lot of savings especially for new mummies like me, and not to mention the freebies / samples as well.

I really encourage one to do their homework on what brands and models as well as normal retail prices before visiting a baby expo. If you have done that, it will help a lot in decisions and very well worth to visit big baby expos such as MamaMagic!

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  1. Lovely post! I was there as well and got a lot of stuff from Baby City as well. Have a great pregnancy further. xxx Gretchen