Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Naturally Beauty-full Healing Balm - Little pot of miracle

During my visit to MamaMagic Expo last Saturday, I was at the Cherub Tree stall to get some of their lovely cloth diapers.

I was then introduced to Naturally Beauty-full Healing Balm by lovely Celeste from Cherub Tree.
She claimed it to be a miracle cream and that everyone should own one. She even gave me a sample of it  *hearts*

Below is what it claims to do from their website :

"This versatile healing balm can be used to help aid the body to treat and heal a large variety of ailments, cuts and scrapes, muscle pain, as well as relieving nasal congestion, excess mucus, sore throats, coughs and other cold or flu symptoms. The array of nature's wonder ingredients used combine the following natural properties: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, decongestant and antifungal properties."

When I got home, I put it into my essential box, next to the baby cot. Since it was a sample pot, i didn't want to waste it and save it for baby's use. I couldn't resist smelling it though, it smells so wonderful. It has this citrus-sy smell that I know no vocabulary of to describe it. Even hubby loves the smell (Yes, I was that excited when I smelled it I ran to him so that he can have a whiff at it too!).

Later in the day I noticed that my dog  Rainbow is scratching at her ear. I picked her up and checked her ear. Same thing that happened to her two years ago - she has ear infection :-(
Dogs with floppy ears are naturally predisposed to ear infections because of poor air circulation within the ear canals. Humidity and hair growing within the ear canals contributes to it as well. I must have not dried her ears properly when I washed her a few days ago. It was all red and inflamed, with flaking skin.

I then dabbed some diluted  apple cider vinegar and let it to dry. I remembered the Naturally Beauty-full Healing Balm and thought I should apply it on her ears  and then tied the ears up like these so that it can air out. She wasn't too impressed with the new look.

New look

Miraculously, it worked like a charm for Rainbow. The very next day, her ears have completely healed and I can see the balm is helping to sooth the inflammation.

Note :  Naturally Beauty-full products are not meant for dogs, I used them on my dog without any advice given by anyone.

Thanks so much Celeste for introducing it to me, and Naturally Beauty-full for making this wonderful product!
Even before baby comes, I know I'll be loving this wonderful natural balm. Simply love that it's all natural with no harmful ingredients. I will definitely do a review on this again once baby arrives :-)

Rainbow all healthy and well again, saying thank you!


  1. Where can I get them? I live in Constantia.

    1. Hi Zimmy, you can get them from Celeste at Cherub Tree ( or from Naturally Beauty-full ( Enjoy xxx