Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 36 Day 4 - Gynae Visit

I was so looking forward to the gynae visit - but then, that happens everytime. 
So here goes, update from my gynae visit yesterday.

Glucose level in urine sample
It was +1 than normal range, but Doctor was not worried about it.
See my previous glucose scare here

Total weight gain
66.3kg (gained only 1kg from last visit 3 weeks ago). I mentioned to doctor that I was gaining more in my second trimester than my third trimester - I was gaining almost 1kg every week then! Everyone in the books says the third trimester is when one should gain the most.
Doctor explained the baby is using more of my food that I am taking now, and also less amniotic fluid.

Blood pressure

Baby's weight and measurements
He is now 3.3kg, big boy here! (An increase of 0.6kg from three weeks ago).
Most of his measurements are showing him at 38 weeks instead of 36.

Baby's position
Baby was already head down since two appointments ago, he is still in the same position. Head down, curled up on my left side.
Sketched a picture below with MS Paint, not the exact proportion/size though!
However, he is showing no signs of dropping yet :-(

Baby's current position

Placenta and Amniotic Fluid
Placenta has started to decalcify - signs of maturing.
Amniotic fluid is now less than previously. Doctor measured it to be 12cm. She said to only be worried when it is less than 5cm (not sure how is it measured).

Other Checks
My pelvic bone position is not the most ideal for the position baby is in - it's narrow, might have some difficulty going natural, but still possible.
Best position for baby is with him facing my spine, while the baby is currently facing sideways still.

Overall remarks from gynae visit
Doctor is still encouraging going natural. She said we can revisit the idea when I am at 39 weeks.
Baby is healthy and on the large side :))

Next appointment : 27 November 2013 @ 38 weeks 3 days

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