Friday, February 28, 2014

12 Weeks today and he caught it!

Hi my big boy, you are exactly 12 weeks old today.
And yes, I am still taking photos of you every single day. I am never tired of them  so that I can make sure I remember all of your cheeky faces!

You also finally caught the naughty giraffe with your bare hands, what an achievement :-)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Where there's a will, there's a way

So Ethan's hand motor skills are still not fully developed. That doesn't mean he can't get the orange giraffe!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ethan @ 11 weeks old

11 weeks old , the same day my mum and dad left Cape Town for Malaysia.
I am very sad, heart aching. We will miss them terribly, and Ethan will miss his PhoPho (grandmother) carrying while singing to him, as well as him and AhKong (grandfather) 's morning talking sessions.

Last day

Height / Weight
6 weeks checkup (Height : 58.5cm, Weight : 5.26kg, Head circumference : 39.5cm)
10 weeks checkup (Height : 60cm, Weight : 6.23kg, Head circumference : 39.5cm)

Now who is taller?

11 weeks old

He went to his first immunisation at 6 weeks (17 Jan 2014) and again at 10 weeks (17 Feb 2014) .
Both times, Ethan took it well.
He didn't mind the first jab on his left thigh, but on the second jab on his right, he was ANGRY!  - Video below

We bought a bottle of Baby Panado Syrup  for just in case scenarios but we did not have to use it at all.
Not niggly at all the whole day, and no fever. Strong boy!

Breastfeeding / Sleeping 
Since birth, Ethan was fed at least every 4 hours, including nights. I started feeding only on demand since Week 6. That means, more sleep for me! He is such a good baby, since birth he sleeps well through the night, only waking up to feed. I usually feed him before I sleep, he will wake up once at night, and the next feed will only be in the morning. Lucky me!

Milk expression is also going on smoothly. I first had the Medela Swing Maxi, but found that it was too noisy to use at night. I always ended up waking baby. So I bought a manual Avent pump to use at night or when I am out and about. I am currently expressing 2-3 times a day (which amounts to 200-300ml (6-10oz a day).

I have also successfully introduced the bottle to Ethan - so that the grandparents can feed him when I start work again in April (booo hooo! not going to think about this yet!) , or on the odd occasions when I need to I leave him with Ian. Initially we tried with Medela Calma unsuccessfully, but he took the Tommee Tippee immediately.

When Ethan was 7 weeks old, he got agitated every evening around 5pm+. He would try hard to sleep and got frustrated that he couldn't sleep, and it would go on for ours until 7-9pm. His crying was loud and angry, unlike his usual cry for feed / diapers. The first time it happened, I was really scared because coincidentally I took a Panadol on the very same day as I had a headache. As days went by, we ruled out colic and realised that he was overstimulated during the day.
So we started limiting his awake time, getting him to sleep after being awake for an hour. This broke his 5pm "crazy time" routine. I also believe it is just a phase, as it lasted about 10 days, and now he is back to my normal happy easy baby!

  • Ethan is already lifting head and chest while lying on stomach or when carried. However, he is not a fan of tummy time and gets cranky pretty quickly. 

  • Reacting to sounds and turns to the direction, as well as following a person when spoke to. He loves speaking baby languages, he is going to be such a multilingual baby!
  • He stretches legs out (not that much froggy position anymore). When he gets excited he will start kicking and kicking. 

  • Ethan loves watching the world above. He loves to look up when carried, looking at ceilings and searching for lights. Lights are definitely a favourite, and absolutely love the brown knotty pine ceiling. He can even have a conversation and smiles at the ceiling! 
knotty pine ceiling, Ethan's current best friend

  • He still loves his musical mobile above his cot and usually has a long conversation with them as well.
  • Baby enjoys his bath time, especially on 37 deg hot summer days. So he and mummy had a fun time in the bath tub ! :-)

My dear little special boy. You are growing so quickly and I treasure every moment with you. You have caught the hearts of so many already in just a few weeks. I cannot stop looking at you and smelling you. I love you!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Keeping cool

Embracing Cape Town's summer weather of 37 degree Celsius ! :-)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Ethan's Baby Blessing

Yesterday was a very special day, with Ethan having his baby blessing at Urban Edge Church.
Since both my mum and dad is here in Cape Town with us, we grabbed the opportunity when we found that there is a baby blessing session at our church. We wanted both sides of grandparents to share this meaningful occasion , together with friends.

I am very proud to say that Ethan was a very good boy during the entire service. He was wide awake but didn't cry once. He was just busy and amazed by all the lights in the church (He loves watching any lights!)

There was around 15? 20? babies with their families up the stage on the day, and we were called up first! Ian mentioned that I should start getting used to being first in any list as now my surname starts with A. Good point!

Every one of us was also presented this lovely book , "The 5 Love Languages of Children'.

After that we had a little celebration at our house, with a simple spread of  briyani, cheese platters, tuna, chips and watermelon.


37 degree Celcius ! It was scorching, summer is definitely here!

As it was too stuffy inside the house, everyone was outside in the garden. Ethan even took a bath in a little tub right there on the grass.

Cooled down, this is Ethan fast asleep on the blanket with his Baby Banz protecting his cutie eyes.

He must have looked pretty cool, as all the "lady" friends gathered around him once he woke up!

It was very nice to have the grandparents and friends and all the kiddies with us!

Ethan's godparents


Thank you so much for all the love. Ethan is such a lucky little boy, we are so so grateful indeed!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Natursutten Round Pacifier Review and Giveaway

You are either a dummy mummy or not.
I wasn't at first.

Before Ethan was born, I always thought a dummy is used by mothers who are looking for the easy way out. However, when Ethan was around 3 weeks old, I noticed him self-soothing himself by sucking his closed fist. Because his hand coordination was still not fully developed, his hand frequently dropped from his mouth. Thus, resulting in him being cranky, frustrated and inconsolable, trying very hard to fall asleep. Still, I persevered (or so I thought), trying to look for other ways to soothe him.

When he was 4 weeks, I realised that I was being selfish for not satisfying his need to soothe himself. Learning to self-soothe is actually as important a milestone as smiling, crawling or walking. With my breastfeeding very much well established, I was glad I have done my research and have the Natursutten Pacifier at hand.

Ethan was being cranky and could not get himself to sleep for more than 4-5 hours. I felt so bad to see him getting frustrated when he tried to soothe himself and closed his eyes but still woke up crying everytime he tried to doze off.  I went to the drawer where I kept my Natursutten Pacifier and popped it into his mouth. I haven't looked back since! He took on it IMMEDIATELY and fell asleep after 5 minutes. I felt good knowing he is now calm and his needs are met, which is what every mother wants to do for their child.

However, I still stand on my decision of not dipping glycerine on baby's dummy, but that is another post by itself.


I am well aware of the pros and cons in using a pacifier aka dummy. It satisfies the suck reflex, helps babies to soothe themselves, researches proves protection against SIDS and easier weaning compared to thumb-sucking.
My main concern though, is the risk of nipple confusion.

I need not worry, because by introducing the pacifier at 4 weeks, as well as this wonderful feature of Natursutten which drew my attention to it. Its round shaped option has a very large shield base that touches the baby's nose. It is designed to gently touch your baby's nose to give the same secure feeling experienced during breastfeeding. How very clever!

Ethan very satisfied with his Natursutten dummy

My two weapons I can't live without when going out with Ethan - Boba Carrier and Natursutten pacifier!

While I was out with Ethan and his trusty dummy, I was always asked the same question again and again.

Why Natursutten and not the almost-similar H* dummy that can be found in Baby City?

After much questioning and finding out, all I can say is Natursutten is far, far much better than the other said brand, and I would like to share it with you readers.

Natursutten retails for R95.00. Although a bit pricier compared to its competitor, I feel the comparison above explained and justifies the price difference. I let you be the judge!

A very contented baby = A very happy mummy!

Baby Ethan loves them so much that have since bought 2 more Natursutten dummies so that I always have one in my diaper bag and one as an extra back-up!

Natursutten pacifiers is available at Okokidz .

I am pleased to announce that Okokidz is sponsoring a Natursutten pacifier of your choice to one of you readers!

How to enter  
  1. Like Natursutten South Africa on Facebook
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  3. Share the lovely giveaway on your Facebook / Twitter 
  4. Leave a comment in this blog post with the pacifier of your choice (Round/Ortho, Butterfly/Original, Size S/M/L). Please do not forget your email address!

Giveaway ends on 21February 2014, 12:00am South African time.
Open to South Africa residents only. 
The winner will be chosen randomly ( and will be posted in this post and will be contacted via email. If no reply from the winner within 48 hours, a new winner will be announced.

** Please note that I received no form of monetary compensation for this post. I did receive the product to try in order to write a fair and honest review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own and was not required to provide a positive review of the pacifier.

Updated 22 Feb 2014
Thank you to all who participated in this giveaway. The winner of the Natursutten Pacifier Giveaway is Roxanne Grove!

Congratulations! You should have received an email from me on how to collect the prize.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year. Now grab your tissues ready!

This Chinese New Year is a really special one for me.

Not only do I have my newborn son, both my Mum and Dad are also here in Cape Town to celebrate this very meaningful day to be together with family.

After all, family is forever.