Wednesday, March 19, 2014

And we are off tomorrow!

Hahaha, that must be the roundest baby face I have ever seen. Yes, that is Ethan's temporary passport and we are flying, TOMORROW!

It must have been the quickest flying decision I have ever made, all in less than one week.

Friday I decided to go back with Ethan - besides visiting my family while still on maternity leave, I could also renew my passport and license.
Saturday whole morning was spent standing in the queue to apply temporary passport for Ethan.
Then it was booking a good priced flight.
Tuesday I went to collect his passport, confirmed the tickets.
And now Wednesday today is packing day.

It has been surreal. I am full of mixed feelings.
Excited to be going back home.
Worried if baby is going to be fine in flight.
Sad that Ian can't go with.
Guilty that I am taking Ethan away from his daddy and Oupa and Ouma.
Grateful that Ian, Ouma and Oupa has been so supportive and excited for us.

Flying alone with a 3 month old. Hmmm...Lots to blog about! 

Wish us luck xxx


  1. So excited to see Ethan on Friday!!!!

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