Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Penang, Malaysia - Safe & Sound

It was a long flight from Cape Town to Penang, Malaysia.

Cape Town - Dubai - Kuala Lumpur - Penang

With 18-hour flight and another 6 hours layover time, it was indeed exhausting for both baby and me.

Daddy missing Ethan already
Ethan's very symmetrical pointy face - and some newborn scabs on top of his head still waiting to peel off

It is a blessing that Ethan was so well-behaved. He barely cried, spending the whole day sleeping and chatting most of the time. I can see though he is tired as he was woken up a lot by the pilot's announcement or when the crew served food and drinks.

Sitting on the aeroplane seat

However, he didn't fuss at all as he was amazed with the lighting in the plane and entertained with many things to look at. He was so contented sleeping my in arms, and being carried in the Boba Carrier during transit.

So contented in the baby carrier

We arrived safely and happily greeted by the grandparents and family.

With Phopho

With KongKong and his cousins

Everyone in Penang was so happy so see him, and he is enjoying the joyous atmosphere that sometimes he looked a bit shocked with all the noise...haha (like the picture above).

Before I end the post, a last picture of the happy & friendly baby!

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