Friday, May 30, 2014

Another milestone @ 23 weeks

Wow, another milestone at 23 weeks.

And yes, you probably guessed right! A day after introducing Ethan to solids via BLW, his first little tooth erupted!

First tooth @ 23 weeks - 26 May 2014

It's not really visible in the photos, but you can definitely feel it. It's very sharp and pointy, and so far I can only feel it on his bottom left.
He is still his happy self, always ready for a smile. He did wake up more times the night before and refused the dummy. Other than that, he is an absolute champion!

And here he is, celebrating his first tooth with avocados and cucumbers!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ethan's first try at Baby-Led-Weaning @ 23 weeks

We have been reading up on the concept of Baby-led-weaning, which makes so much sense to us, and I wish every moms (and dads) will spare some thought about this before diving into the traditional way of spoon-feeding pureed food into baby's mouth.
Baby-led-weaning is simply a way of introducing solid foods that allow baby to stay in control of what is being eaten. The general idea of pureed food are skipped and baby starts with easy-to-hold solid food. It means allowing your child to feed himself from the very beginning of their experiences with food. Baby-led-weaning is all about exploring, experiencing and enjoying nutritious and delicious family meals from the very first taste of solids. The emphasis is not on how much food baby gets, it's about letting baby play around with flavours, textures and colours of these real food. 
Please do remember, that the term 'weaning' does not mean giving up milk feeds. It simply refers to the introduction of food other than milk! Babies at this age should still get their necessary nutrition from breast milk (or formula), so the pressure is off Moms to make sure they are consuming a certain amount of solid food.
 Benefits of Baby-led-weaning
  • Allows baby to explore taste, texture, colour and smell  of food
  • Helps to develop baby's hand-eye coordination
  • Establishes great eating habits as baby is allowed to eat as much/little as he needs, in their own time
  • Mealtime battles are far less likely
  • Mealtimes are an enjoyable family experience, develops and encourages strong family bonds
  • Encourages confidence
  • Being able to reach out and grab things effectively
  • Being able to take objects to their mouth quickly and with accuracy
  • Able to make gnawing and chewing movements

When to start?

The World Health Organisation recommends the introduction of solids a 6 months of age. At 6 months of age, children start to develop the skills that enable them to instinctively start to feed themselves. Signs that baby is read to start self feeding include:
  • sitting up with little or no support
  • being able to reach out and grab things effectively
  • being able to take objects to their mouth quickly and accurately
  • able to make gnawing and chewing movements

At 23 weeks, a week shy of 6 months, Ethan was showing all signs above, and I can also see that he is starting to watch me whenever I eat. So we set up the high chair (that was given to us by a friend) for the first time, cut some cucumbers and bell-pepper into strips so that they are easy to hold, and Ethan loves it!

Just look at him gumming the cucumbers!
Cucumbers and Bellpeppers @ 23 weeks

A short video of him gumming the cucumber. Nyam nyam nyam!

And this longer video to see how he managed to grab those yummy food!

And here's the No.1 Supporter of BLW-ing Ethan

Ethan is Rainbow's new best friend

To find out more about Baby-led-weaning, get Gill Rapley's Baby Led Weaning book. (I was advised to skip the original book and just get the cookbook as it has a more condensed explanation in the first few chapters). I ended up with the Cooking e-book!

Friday, May 23, 2014

To my 5+ month old baby

I do apologize for the lack of update here. It has been chaotic, and I am sure everyone of you could not believe we are now at almost the middle of the year. Where have all those 5-6 months gone?

In summary, these are the events that happened after our wonderful trip back home in Malaysia. Ethan had a bit of pooping episode (up to 18  poops a day, I am not lying), a few nights of congestion, I got back to work end of April, and trying to get into the routine of expressing milk while at work, coming home and getting baby to sleep, pack up his bags and milk for his daily visits to Oupapa and Oumama.

To be honest, I started writing this post when he was 5 months, and now we are almost at 6 months... 

My dearest Ethan, 

Watching you grow before my eyes is so bittersweet. 
I think this feeling is only something you understand once you become a parent as I never understood it before. On one hand I love seeing you grow and reaches another milestone but on the other I am sad that you are no longer my tiny little baby that once fit in my tummy! 

Ethan with his hand-knitted jersey from Oumama @ 20 Weeks

Everyone always mentions what a happy baby you are. You are always ready with smiles and seldom fuss. You are such a good boy, Mummy and Daddy must thank our lucky stars to have you as our first one! You let anyone holds you, as long as you are being held. You love being held. You started laughing a lot, and we always laugh with you. Chatty, giggly, happy, you warm our hearts, as well as everyone around you.

@22 weeks

You had a bit of pooping episode  a day before we were about to leave Malaysia. You were like a little pooping machine! You made up to 18 poops a day, and I was stressing how many diapers I should bring with to the plane with me. I eventually brought about 25 diapers and we survived the 26 hour flight and layovers. It must have been yet another phase where you were more niggly and wanting to bite on anything you were given. We believe it must be your teeth wanting to come out, but three weeks on ,we are still waiting. After a week of pooping overload, we took you to your first visit to the doctor. You were still a happy chappie while the doctor gave you a thorough check!

Gp visit @ 19 weeks

It must be a new parent thingy. You got through it yourself, it must just be a growing phase. You are handling them so well now and they are all now stories of the past. I am so grateful you are generally a very I love being in this wonderful growing phase of yours. You are now drooling a lot, and we have to put a hanky or bib on you.  It must be so much hard work, growing up.

Donning his new Cotton On bib and toy @ 23 weeks

You have nice chubby and smooth cheeks, everyone just wants to give you a squeeze. I commented to Daddy how I love your size, chubby and healthy, but not overly fat. Just right, I would say. You have those nice baby rolls on your thighs as well. 
Check it out!

Rolling @ 23 weeks

Three weeks ago you weighed 7.4kg at 19 weeks, now at 22 weeks you can very well possibly be at 8kg! We will be going to the clinic to weigh you again tomorrow, so we shall see. 

@ 20 weeks

It's now my third week at work, and have been expressing milk 4 times while at work to make sure you get all the goodness you deserve. You started off with drinking 200ml a day, and now you drink up to 450-500ml while at your Oupapa and Oumama. You are still exclusively on breastmilk, as we believe there is no need to rush you into solids. I miss you so much when I am away at work, that I trully treasure every breastfeeding moment we have together in the evenings. I don't even mind the waking ups at night! You will know one day that you are one of the few people I would sacrifice my sleep for. We are now just waiting for signs of you ready like sitting up by yourself. I am still trying to decide if I should go vege/fruits puree way, or baby-led-weaning.


You have the most awesome biological clock ever. Sleeping well at night in Malaysia, and adjusted immediately once you are back here in Cape Town. 

Really asleep @ 20 weeks

@ 20 weeks

You usually get sleepy around 7-7.30pm and be in bed by 8pm. You wake up twice for feeds, but that's it, you sleep immediately after a feed. While the first two weeks we "woke you" while preparing and tuck you in the car with Daddy, but the last few days you woke up 10 minutes before our alarm clock. It's as if you can read the time!

We are also co-sleeping, and we both wonder how can a little person like you takes so much space on our bed! However we love it so much, and you always wake up with a smile on your face which makes it all worthwhile.

Morning-time @ 20 weeks

Milestones / Updates

You did your first rolling on our last few days in Malaysia at 18 weeks. It was so sudden and we were so excited that you got hold of it so quickly.

- Coordination. You are a lot more coordinated this month. Now when you grab for something you rarely miss. You can guide items into your mouth too.

- Communicating. You are very ticklish and playful. You laugh so easily. Everyone commented what a happy baby you are. And you are exactly that! Our little sunshine who is always happy and laughing, so very special. Your laughing is so contagious.

Video taken @ 21 weeks.

You love people. You like faces and Your face lits up whenever someone speaks or gives attention to you.  Everyone loves you for your smiles.You love to watch our dog Rainbow and spreads out your arms wanting to get a feel of her hair.

@ 22 weeks

- Posing. You like to put your hands on your cheeks and chin and you look sooo cute doing that. Those little huge cheekies must be quite heavy!

@ 22 weeks

- Sitting up. You are very strong and steady when it comes to sitting. You can sit with only a little bit of support from us. You are still a bit wobbly but you are getting there. I wouldn't be surprised if you will sit very very soon! 
Update : Ouma just took a video of you sitting up for a whole minute almost!

Video taken @ 23 weeks

Bathtime. You love your bath time. You now kick and use your hands to touch the water in amazement. I always wonder how your brain cells must be busy working to get all this new knowledge and experiences in.

Video taken @ 19 weeks

@ 21 weeks

Reading. You love story time. We read stories to you every night, while Oupapa & Oumama reads to you during the day. We are starting with 'Goodnight Moon' and you love using your hands to touch the books, sometimes even trying to eat them!

@ 22 weeks

Ethan, you keep us in awe every single day being happy as you are while learning and absorbing all the knowledge from all the new things around you. You are really the best thing that has ever happened to us and we are so proud of you.

Getting ready to Oupa & Ouma @ 20 weeks

We love you, our little cuddly one.  More than words can say.