About Me

This blog started out more than three years ago replacing my old one, when I took the giant leap of faith to South Africa where I can share my life in South Africa with my family back in Penang, Malaysia.
Armed with a 20 kg luggage bag with my dog and with blessings from my parents, I moved my whole life to Cape Town, this is essentially the road I took and  it has been an imperfectly perfect road taken thus far.

I am a new mother turning 30 end of this year, happily married to my soul mate with an amazingly awesome baby boy.

I am both a right brained and left brained, if that is at all possible.
I keep a to do list in order to organize my schedule. However i base decisions on intuition more often than logic.
I gesture a lot with my hands when talking, and prefer to pay attention to how people are saying then what they are actually saying.
However i would read instructions before assembling something and usually on time for my appointments.
I love maths and algebra.
I have difficulty expressions myself with words, hence the difficulty in writing this section.
After reading through the posts, I am sure you realised by now that my blog posts are usually straight from the heart to this blog, never through the brain. So pardon the many grammar mistakes.

I currently work as a software developer but would love to eventually work from home where I can be more involved with kids and family stuff, things closer to my heart.
I love creating a healthy home for my family, including the dogs.
Our dogs are fed with natural diet of fresh raw mince and natural products, which eventually saved my dog from bad skin issues.
Us humans tries to eat  and live as healthy as possible. We practise recycling, use organic items whenever possible, decided on cloth-diapering, baby-wearing, baby-led-weaning for baby, dogs on raw diet, you get the idea.

Fashion. I don't like runway fashion. I like classics. Clean, fresh, vintage, elegant. Items that lasts forever.

Colours. These are very important for me. I can't stand bad decisions (anything not to my taste are bad decisions, duh) on colours. I take them very seriously, and will be nowhere near what I don't approve. I cant even stand warm white color light bulbs next to a cool white one.

I love information. I read books when I poo, when I am in the bath.I read the promotion pamphletswhile waiting for food, anything with words that my hands can grab on.  However, I am not a follower.

This blog although started out as a medium to share my personal life in Cape Town with my family back home, throughout the years I have also been blessed with regular readers from South Africa, Malaysia as well as all around the globe, giving me the opportunity to share my experiences as well as good products i found. I am always excited to find products that are good for us as a family , as well as for the environment. I believe that all good products should be shared thus my blog has been a good way for real honest views of products that I have tried. However, I like to remain this blog as still my personal blog, for me to write when I feel the need to and to log these personal experiences of mine.

I like reading reviews and making informed decisions instead of going with the normal conventional way eg. going for baby carriers instead of usual travel systems for babies. Cloth diapers instead of usual disposable diapers.

I welcome any questions or comments that you have on my posts, or just a casual hi, so feel free to contact me anytime.